This is the fourth of what will be a monthly letter to my sweet daughter, Euphemia. I am part of a circle of ‘Momtogs’ (mom+photographer) that are joining together to write a letter to our daughter(s) each month. At the end of every letter is a link to the next Momtog’s letter to her daughter(s), she will then link you to the next and so on until you return here. Do take some time to read each of them, as they are fun and sweet and adorable little diaries — and soon you’ll fall in love with the little girls, just like I am, and I'm sure you will enjoy watching them grow over the next year.  Continue on in the circle of letters with the link at the end of this letter to my Euphemia Amélie. 

Sweet Euphemia, you are 18 months old.

A year and a half. Da-daddy and I have had over 548 days with you - and I’m SO excited for the next 5000! Darling girl, you are irreplaceable.

This month’s blog will be photo-centric because we spent so much time traveling. Your fifth round trip on a plane, your 18th take off and landing, first international trip, and a week living on a big-boat. You did such a good job. You slept well, you made friends with everyone on board, and you especially loved all the music. Steel drums make you dance, every time. 

You left afraid of water and returned as a fish - you spent hours in the 1.5ft pool in San Juan on our last day - I am so proud! 

It seems like just yesterday you were so tiny - and now you are morphing into a full fledged toddler. My big girl. 

Your favorites: Mammy and Papa, Ee-Oh YoYo (CO, Auntie Sierra), Mouse (Mickey Mouse), and shoes! 

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