Photography makes my heart beat. There's something about capturing life and memories as they are, raw and real, that just won't let me go. 

I catch heartfelt, natural, and joyful moments between people who are wild about each other and about life. When you look through the galleries, watch the story of the people photographed, and feel a connection - chances are you're one of those people. 

I've always loved getting to know people and I've always loved being creative. Especially with photography. Art can tell a story in a way that words often fail and capture depth and expression that we treasure in our hearts - allowing us to remember it for years to come. I would be honored to tell part of your story. 

A few fun facts: I'm married to the love of my life - a man who is exceptionally charming and quick-witted, albeit very nerdy. We have the sweetest spitfire daughter, Euphemia (Euphie, 4) and the happiest, smiliest soul, Gweneviere (2). I swoon over well designed things, am a foodie in every way, and am a collector-turned-minimalist. I thrive on quality conversation, love to immerse myself in other languages and cultures, and I am a sucker for deeply developed characters in a well told narrative.

So what about you? What's your story? I'd love to sit with you over a warm cuppa and listen. Let's set up a time - send me a message here.

- kk