Letters to Our Daughters | 01 January | Euphie

This is the first of what will be a monthly letter to my sweet daughter, Euphemia. I am part of a circle of ‘Momtogs’ (mom+photographer) that are joining together to write a letter to our daughter(s) each month. At the end of every letter is a link to the next Momtog’s letter to her daughter(s), she will then link you to the next and so on until you return here. Do take some time to read each of them, as they are fun and sweet and adorable little diaries — and soon you’ll fall in love with the little girls, just like I am, and I'm sure you will enjoy watching them grow over the next year.  Continue on in the circle of letters with the link at the end of my letter. 

Euphemia Amélie,

Every day it seems you’re learning something new. 

You love to observe and then try to replicate what us Big People are doing — and you’re good at it, too. You’re constantly blowing me away with how capable you are for such a little person. I love watching the gears turning in those multi-colored eyes and watching your curls bounce as you run around conquering the world.

You’re already much more independent than your Mum is ready for. It’s hard to believe that this month marked 15 since your birth. It seems like just yesterday Mum and Da-da were dreaming of what having a family would be and now we have you. Oh Sweet Girl, we love you so much.

When Mum and Da-da wanted to get married, PapaJoe said he could marry me only if he paid a dowry of a hundred animals and a Maserati. Your Dad is a goofball and decided to send Papa Joe exactly what he asked for. This weekend when we visited Grammy and Papa Joe, they brought out that some box with the dowry, full of little animals and a hot-wheels Maserati, just for you. You thought you hit the jackpot with all the “dogs” and “ducks” and animals to play with. It was such a sweet thing to see. Daddy wrote PapaJoe a note saying, “I got the better end of the deal, methinks” — but I’m pretty sure I got the best deal - Daddy+You. 

Love you, Sweet Stuff.


Your faves right now: blueberries, avocado, wearing necklaces, playing with other kids, Uncle John, Music&dancing, Rain for Roots (music), and, as always your Ezzie-belle (Essie, our doggie). 
Oh, and saying ‘No’, learning to use a spoon/fork, and doing all.the.things that we do. :)

Love ya, Little Squirt. 

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