Letters to Our Daughters | 02 February | Euphie

This is the second of what will be a monthly letter to my sweet daughter, Euphemia. I am part of a circle of ‘Momtogs’ (mom+photographer) that are joining together to write a letter to our daughter(s) each month. At the end of every letter is a link to the next Momtog’s letter to her daughter(s), she will then link you to the next and so on until you return here. Do take some time to read each of them, as they are fun and sweet and adorable little diaries — and soon you’ll fall in love with the little girls, just like I am, and I'm sure you will enjoy watching them grow over the next year.  Continue on in the circle of letters with the link at the end of this letter to my Euphemia Amélie. 

Oh, sweet girl.

It seems every month that passes proves to bring more and more love for you, just when I think I can’t hold more love in my already bursting heart. Watching you grow from baby to toddler is bittersweet. Just this month you’ve started to say Ga-pa, Kelsey, and are trying so hard to go up and down one step standing up. 

You embarked on your fourth airplane trip this month, and conquered your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th flights. We went to Florida again to see Daddy’s side of the family.  It didn’t take long for you to feel at home there - when GrandpaGary came home you would run to him with open arms and when he’d close the door to his bedroom you’d bang on it and say “Gaaaa-Paaaaa!” You just wanted him to read to you and play - or even just sit in the same room. You’d follow Auntie Kelsey around the house and cuddle with her in her big bed and were sad when she’d leave for work. You loved them immediately and missed them when we left. 

This month you started saying the names of your friends - Linky (luh-luh-ee), Knox (you say it perfectly) and Sunday (Daaaay). It’s so much fun to watch you around your friends - you just love being social. 

Your current obsession is your pearl necklace - you don’t leave home without it. It makes you look like such a big girl - and you are! 

Your faves right now: avocado, your pearl necklace, Mammy, and Essie. 

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