This is the third of what will be a monthly letter to my sweet daughter, Euphemia. I am part of a circle of ‘Momtogs’ (mom+photographer) that are joining together to write a letter to our daughter(s) each month. At the end of every letter is a link to the next Momtog’s letter to her daughter(s), she will then link you to the next and so on until you return here. Do take some time to read each of them, as they are fun and sweet and adorable little diaries — and soon you’ll fall in love with the little girls, just like I am, and I'm sure you will enjoy watching them grow over the next year.  Continue on in the circle of letters with the link at the end of this letter to my Euphemia Amélie. 


This month we had visitors! You met Mama’s best friend from when she lived in Chicago, Auntie Cat, and Josh+Esther visited with their kids Jochebel and Justice!

We also went to see your Great-Nana’s sisters and to see Great-Papa and got some time to play with your cousins

I just love how you immediately love all.the.people - and somehow, the ones that Mama and Da-Daddy love the most, you also love the most. Auntie Cat was a perfect example of that. You had so much fun with her! We went to see the tulips, went to visit Mammy, and went to the Olympic Game Farm! 

I love you, Sweetheart. I can’t believe you’re going to be a year and a half old next month!

It's true, sometimes as a Mom we make mistakes: Like forgetting to adjust your camera settings when you're quickly snapping photos of your kid with your friends' kids. BUT THOSE WERE THE CUTE ONES. *sigh* So pardon the overexposed b&w's up there. #momlife - it happens. :)

Your current faves: pistachios, using a fork, climbing up and down stairs on your own two feet, being outside, and, as always, Mammy.

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Thank you for following this project - hope you stick around and read what the other moms wrote to their daughters. <3

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